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My best mate Steve's wedding day was coming up. We started to think about planning the stag night and really wanted to try to avoid the normal stag night scenario of a pub crawl with a bunch of badly behaved drunken men waiting to pounce on the groom and handcuff him to the nearest lamppost. It's all a bit predictable and been done thousands of times before.

We definitely wanted the booze to be flowing but something a bit more 'grown up' was needed. In our youth, Steve and I had spent some time touring in the U.S.A. and we'd really enjoyed a short stay in Las Vegas. It came to us that an organised fun casino night would fit the bill nicely.
We rented a good sized local hall and contacted companies that do fun casino parties. The hall was only responsible for providing the venue so we needed to arrange a mobile bar and bar staff. To add a bit more glitz to the evening Steve and I decided to opt for the full dickie bow attire and hired ourselves tuxedos. Steve's girlfriend Lisa sorted out the invitations for all the lads and we were more or less set. It was as simple as that.

On the night of the stag, Steve and I arrived a bit ahead of time to check that everything was in order. The company we had used to provide a decent music system were just setting up, as were the casino party people. The lads started to arrive and the beer began to flow. We gave each of the lads a personalised bright yellow T shirt with the words 'I survived Steve's Stag' printed on it and the date.

The fun casino staff were super professional. They set up tables for roulette, blackjack, craps, baccarat and stud poker. The croupiers running the tables were well trained and friendly and really helped us get into the gambling frenzy, explaining the rules of the games to the newcomers and sharing their experience and tips with us. Good that it wasn't real money, because after so many drinks most of us were losing heavily, but it was all good clean fun.

We ordered take out Indian food to be delivered to the venue. It was just the ticket after the amount of beers we drank. We seriously pigged out on Tandoori chicken, lamb curry, beef vindaloo, naan bread and pilau rice, washed down of course with more beer.

No stag night is really complete without a stripper. The one I booked was called Lola and she certainly got more than just the lads' temperatures rising. She came dressed as a naughty nurse and did an erotic and sexy 15 minute striptease especially for Steve. His face was a picture as she rubbed oil on his chest and handcuffed him to the chair. I don't think Steve knew quite where to look, but the smile on his face was a sure sign that he appreciated this surprise gesture on his last night of freedom.

By the end of the night we were all pretty much inebriated. We didn't want the chance of anyone going anywhere near a car (especially the groom to be), so we booked a couple of mini buses to drop the lads off right at their front doors.

Some of the evening is a bit of a blur but the photographs helped to jog our memories. Most of them were very hilarious and slightly X rated. The Stag certainly had a night to remember and that was what really mattered.