It Happened one Night

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My husband, Terry, planned a very creative weekend getaway for our anniversary

On Friday, according to Terry's plan, I came home from work early. I knew he was planning to take a weekend trip, but I had no idea where. When I walked through the door he handed me two bus tickets to Florida. We live in the south Georgia, so it was only a three or four hour ride. But why not take the car or an airplane? Though we could easily take our car or afford a plane ride, he insisted on catching a bus. "Frank Capra would take a bus." He said. When I looked puzzled he told me since "It Happened One Night" is our favorite movie,he wanted re-create it by taking weekend trip to the Keys. I laughed out loud with delight and gave him a big kiss. I told him he was the most romantic man I knew.

We were like two little kids on the bus, singing songs, playing road scrabble and striking up conversations with our neighbors. Terry had prepared snacks for us to eat along the way. For a joke, he brought a couple sticks of carrots. We acted out the scene from the movie and I ate the carrot at the end, just like the heroine. It was so much fun!

The bus didn't make more than half a dozen stops on the way to the Keys so we made good time. We played the part of tourists to the hilt taking lots of pictures at each stop. There was a beautiful 1930's convertible parked outside the bus station. Since Terry loves old cars I thought he was going to ask to the driver questions about the restoration of his lovely car, but Terry just opened the door and got in. I couldn't believe it. He had arranged it all ahead of time. I was impressed. As the car drove onto the bridge leading into the Keys the sun was setting and the sky looked like it was on fire.

The hotel was a group of bungalows. They looked alot like the bungalows in the movie. Terry called up room service and ordered scrambled eggs and toast, just like in the movie. It was very romantic.

After dinner, we took a walk on the beach holding hands as we strolled. When we got back to our bungalow, there was a gift basket sitting on the table for two with Champagne, chocolate truffles and candles. I kissed him and my eyes filled up with tears.

We toasted to a successful thirty-five years of marriage and to many more after. We got into bed sipping the Champagne and though we were both quite tired, Terry pulled out "It Happened One Night" from his suitcase for us to watch on the VCR. I tried to stay awake, but I think we both fell asleep half way though the movie; we must be getting old.