Luxurious Day Spa Yacht Cruise

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When my best friend Claire told me that she was getting married I was so excited and knew that I wanted to give her a Bridal Shower just as special as she is.

All the years I have known Claire, she has been a hard-working, high-powered, corporate executive. She works very long hours and has very little time to relax so I wanted to give her a total and luxurious escape, a relaxing day filled with everything she loves but never has time to do.

I decided the best way to create a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere for the stressed out bride to be would be to get away from everything. No city noise, no phones, no cars just peace and quiet. I knew Claire loved the ocean so naturally, our own private chartered yacht would be the perfect getaway.

The invitations were custom made with a picture of the yacht on the cover of a color brochure that looked like one from real cruise ship. Inside each were the party details and a ticket. Below that was listed all the events that were planned during the for the day. The name of the yacht and instructions for the guests to bring a robe a bathing suit, and a towel were printed on the ticket.

On the day of the party each guest was picked up at their door by a white limousine. When they arrived at the yacht the pampering began. Waiters served them appetizers and drinks while they awaited the ships departure. A photograper, I hired was there to capture the guests relaxing and enjoying themselves.

Claire was picked up in a separate limousine and brought to the harbor. You should of seen her face when she saw all of her friends on board a private yacht. A large banner was hung on the railing, " "Claire's getting Hitched" was printed on it in red balloon letters. As soon as she came on board we all hugged and laughed. The waiters passed out flute glasses filled with Champagne as the ship prepared to depart.

The weather was perfect as the yacht as we glided through the waves leaving the harbor far behind. Soon the only sounds were the relaxing piano music and the water rushing as the bow cut through the glassy ocean. After about 45 minutes or so, the waiters served dinner. On each plate was a huge lobster. I bought them on line from a wholesale seafood company.

After the meal l got into my bathing suit and went out onto the deck. Two massage therapists were ready to give the guests the total treatment. Our bodies were covered in all kinds of wonderful lotions and oils. After a soothing massage I layed in the sun and received a manicure & even a pedicure which I know I was way overdue for.

Unknown to Claire two of the waiters were really male exotic dancers. You should have seen Claire's face when they strutted their stuff and stripped right in front of her! It was a great surprise. After the show we all toasted Claire's coming marriage with Champagne. Everyone strolled, chatted or stood by the railing watching the beautiful sunset.

As the sun was nearly below the horizon, the yacht turned headed back to the harbor where two limos were waiting. Inside the second limousine was another surprise. When Claire opened the door she saw her husband to be inside. He handed her beautiful bouquet of roses and a custom gift basket filled with items he picked out just for her.

It was definitely a party to remember.