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For my wife Liza's, fiftieth I wanted to do something special. Liza loves the opera so I decided to plan a trip to take her to one--in Venice Italy.

I told her we were going to the opera, but I just didn't tell her where !! I was able to do all of my research secretly on the Internet. I managed to secure tickets for a performance of "The Marriage of Figaro", Liza's favourite, at an Opera house in Venice. It was so easy to book our flight and even make hotel reservations over the Internet with my credit card. I scheduled a week off work.

Three days before her birthday, she came home from a shopping trip to find me with two of our suitcases full and waiting by the door. She was very surprised and confused until she saw the large smile on my face. She gave me a suspicious look and asked me what I was up to. I told her that it was a surprise and she had to wait and see. She asked if we were still going to the opera. At that, my smile grew and I said, "Of course we are, just not here in town."

On the way to the airport she kept on trying to trick me into telling her where we were going, but I would not be fooled or persuaded to reveal more details. When we arrived at the airport I knew it would be next to impossible (without a blind fold and ear plugs) to keep her from figuring out where we were going. I just wondered how long it would take her to work it out. She still hadn't figured it out when we went into the international terminal, but she knew the minute we walked up to the gate. She still didn't know what Italian city was our destination, and although she kept asking me I refused to tell her.

After we were airbourne I ordered champagne. Liza was on the verge of tears and handed me a glass as I sat down. She toasted to me and said I was the best husband on the face of the planet. I laughed and we kissed.

We arrived in Venice four hours later. The sunset was spectacular and the scenery absolutely breathtaking. Even though we were tired it was incredibly romantic. I felt like I was twenty again and we were on our honeymoon. I bought her a rose from a street vender to put in her hair.

We took a gondola down one of Venice's famous canals to our hotel. I could scarcely believe how beautiful Venice is. Pictures on the Internet were nothing like being there. We took pictures of each other and the gondolier even stopped paddling to take a picture of us together. We had a romantic dinner for two in our hotel room on our balcony overlooking the canal.

After a full day of sightseeing, the next evening we went to the opera. It was officially Liza's birthday. While we were sightseeing Liza had found the perfect evening dress. I packed my tux, so I was set. She looked more amazing than I had ever seen her. She was glowing. The opera was incredible. We held hands the entire time. After the performance, she kissed me on the cheek and told me this was the best birthday of her life. I kissed her on the lips and whispered, "Happy Birthday".