Oxygen Bar

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My son Aaron and I spent months thinking about a unique theme for his Bar Mitzvah. While I was attending a wedding a month before the Bar Mitzvah, what caught my eye the whole night, and had my husband and I laughing, was an "Oxygen Bar". So many of the guests were drawn to it we also strolled over to and find out what this Oxygen Bar was all about. The first thing I noticed there were the bubbling colourful liquids and people wearing the nose hoses that you would wear to get oxygen from a hospital and thought "what the heck is this"? Then one of the oxygen bartenders asked us if we would like to try it out. He explained that it's an Aromatherapy Oxygen Bar which gives you 90-95% pure oxygen as well as breathing in different aromas. The aromas are what made it so attractive; there are food smells, perfume smells, floral smells and many others. So my husband Steve and I tried it and couldn't stop laughing. I think everyone at the wedding tried it, including the bride and groom. It definitely was the hit of the wedding.

I asked the bride's mother if the catering company supplied the Oxygen Bar, she stated: "No, it's a separate company and she found it through PartyPOP". We knew Aaron would love it and he definitely did, as well as all his friends, and all the adults at the Bar Mitzvah.

My Uncle Jo, who had a headache that night, hung out at the Oxygen Bar for 20 minutes and wanted to take it home with him. His headache went away and he was understandably very impressed. It was explained to us that basically oxygen detoxifies the blood, improves circulation and strengthens the immune system. Breathing pure oxygen for just 5 to 10 minutes can help relieve hangovers, aches and pains, headaches and depression. Now my Aunt Sharon is thinking about renting an Oxygen Bar at Uncle Jo's 80th Birthday Party coming up next year.