Prisoner of Love

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When my best friend Jennifer was getting married we threw her a great Hen Party! Jennifer's soon to be husband Mark, was in training to be a policeman so we thought that a jail theme party would be perfect for the occasion. The other bridesmaids and I decorated my house with grey streamers hanging straight down from the ceiling to resemble prison cell bars.

As soon as Jennifer arrived we had her put on a white T-shirt with the words PRISONER OF LOVE written on the front and back. We attached a plastic ball-and-chain, with an enlarged picture of Mark taped onto the ball, to her ankle. We handcuffed a male blow-up doll dressed only in a black tuxedo jacket and bow tie to her wrist. The word "groom" was written on the blow up doll's back. Jennifer was laughing so hard at this point we all had to stop to catch our breath and get a drink. We served drinks with penis shaped ice cubes in them and drank out of penis shaped straws. What a riot.

After a few cocktails and appetizers we boarded the mini bus we
had rented for the evening and headed out to the night clubs. The first stop was a female impersonator dance club. One of the dancers pulled Jennifer on stage and dirty danced with her blow up doll. Jennifer was the hit of the dance club!

At the next club we presented our Prisoner of Love with a book of tickets, a toy police Inspector badge, and a penis ray gun. On each page of the book of "tickets" was written a different dare. She chose one of us to complete each dare and handed us our ticket.

Some of the dares were:
1. Find a guy wearing boxer underwear
2. Get a guy to serenade Jennifer with an Elvis Presley song
3. Sing your favourite song as loud as you can without laughing
5. Put lipstick on and kiss a bald man's head

When she saw a cute guy she was to pull out the plastic penis ray gun, pull the trigger while saying "This is a Dick up". The Toy Inspector badge could be used in lieu of the ray gun. You should have seen her whipping out her badge and gun. It was so much fun. Since Jennifer was the "prisoner", the rest of us girls were her prison guards. We all wore penis shaped whistles.

Anytime Jennifer did not follow the rules of the evening we blew our whistles at her. The whole club was soon joining in the fun. We completed our dares and it was onto the next stop.

We hopped on board the mini bus. Five minutes later the bus driver pulled over to allow a policeman on board. He was wearing a mask and a hat and Jennifer knew right away he was the male stripper we had hired. He played the song Jail House Rock on his stereo and started gyrating down the bus aisle. When he got to Jennifer he did a few hip thrusts to embarrass her. Then Jennifer reached up and took his mask off. It was Mark her fiancé.

She claimed she knew all along it was him. He joined us for the rest of the evening. There were a few details of the evening that only we girls will ever know. One thing for sure is that Jennifer will always remember her night as the 'Prisoner of Love'. I know I will.