Rock n Roll

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A few weeks ago, my youngest cousin, Elijah, had his Bar Mitzvah.

Elijah really likes the Rock n' Roll of the 50's. So his parents decided this would be a fun theme to celebrate his Bar Mitzvah! The invitation was even shaped like a jukebox.

The kids arrived at the banquet hall in an old 50's bus Elijah's mother, Rebecca had rented. It was painted turquoise and white with red leather interior. The kids had a lot of fun playing games and singing songs on the bus.

The hall was decorated like an old 50's diner. There were rectangular tables with a red leather benches for the booths. Each table had a mini-jukebox connected to a large jukebox in the corner in the centre. Music selections could be made without having to leave the table. The hall was decorated in turquoise and white balloons and streamers. Hummus, pita bread, falafel balls, chopped salad, and all kinds of chips, dips and soft drinks were set up on a table against one wall.

The Aliea La Tora ceremony went beautifully. Afterwards the mini-jukebox played "Rock Around the Clock" and "Do The Hop" while Rebecca and her husband, John, showed off their skill at swing dancing. They really stole the show. Everyone was having a great time.

When Elijah entered he received a standing ovation. He looked so nervous and sat with his parents and his grandparents. His grandpa performed the Hamotze ceremony.

After the salad course, the kids played games. The adult meal was a choice of salmon with walnut sauce or rosemary chicken. The rosemary chicken with buttered peas and sautéed dilled carrots I chose was delicious. The kids were served burgers and fries. My best friend and I toasted to every little thing we could think of that made us happy and ended up drinking quite a lot of wine.

Elijah made a speech thanking everyone for coming. He was so sweet. Instead of the traditional Candle Lighting Ceremony, there was a life-size cut out of Elijah. Each of the thirteen elected guests would place a piece of Elvis' "Jailhouse Rock" costume on it. Grandpa put the pompadour wig on his head for the final touch. They each recited a poem or famous quote that reminded them of Elijah as they put the piece of clothing on the life-size cut out. Some of the readings were silly and some of them were very touching. Elijah's face was glowing red by the end of it. Later we took a group photo with Elijah standing next to the life- size cut out.

After the ceremony, the jukebox started up again and everyone began dancing. It's been a long time since I've had so much exercise. For most of the party my dance partner was my cousin, Peter, but I did manage to steal a few dances with John. He was terrific. Even Elijah learned a few moves from his parents and danced with Sally, a girl from school, and she loved it, especially when he spun her around. They looked so cute together!

Rebecca and John thanked us all for coming and offered us strawberry shortcake with whipped cream for dessert. It was fabulous. I even had a second helping.

Everyone said farewell around midnight. I was exhausted, but I had a great time!