Bedroom Shower

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When my best friend, Laurie, told me she was going to throw me a bedroom shower for my bridal party, I was a little nervous. My mom and future mother-in-law would be there. But she assured me there was more to the bedroom than just lingerie, so I agreed. I knew my fiancé would like the theme and would probably want to attend himself. He'd have to wait for a private meeting.

I received an adorable invitation in the mail. It was in the shape of a large square present. There were pink velvet stripes and flowers on the front and a white fluffy feather was glued across the top. A silver cord dangled down with a small silver paper present attached (like a gift tag). When I pulled on the present, a card slipped up out of the square and contained all the party information. The shower was going to be held late in the day so as to get into the bedroom mood. I couldn't wait!

When I arrived at Laurie's house for the shower I was delighted from the moment I walked in. Upon entering, we were told to take off our shoes and put on slippers. There were pink furry slippers lined up in a row in different sizes with a small notecard tucked into one of the slippers with a guest's name on it. (I didn't know it, but my friend asked everyone's shoe size when they RSVP'd.) They were so soft and comfortable that I immediately felt at home. When I walked into the large family room, I couldn't believe my eyes.

There were pink chenille blankets thrown over every arm chair, on the couches, and folded and stacked on a large mattress on the floor – yes, a mattress, the kind you might set up for an out of town guest. On the mattress were several pillows with pink pillowcases. Around the room were more large pillows for sitting on, and there was a fire going in the fireplace. Large pink candles were lit and placed on every available space from the mantle to the coffee and side tables. A huge floral arrangement of pink roses, tulips and lilies sat in a beautiful glass vase on the coffee table. I had a feeling no one would want to leave this party any time soon. I was escorted into the room and wasted no time getting comfortable. While guests arrived we talked and laughed and were served champagne punch in long fluted glasses.

Once everyone had arrived, Laurie rang a bell and announced that dinner would be served. We were instructed to stay right where we were because we were having “dinner in bed.” With the help of some other friends, each of us was given a tray table. I still have no idea where all the trays came from, but it was awesome. On each tray was a wonderful meal: Egg soufflé, bagel and cream cheese, fresh fruit, and bacon. Breakfast is my favorite meal, so Laurie decided since that's what you traditionally eat in bed, why not have it for dinner. I was thrilled. We all sat around comfortably eating and drinking. It was a great idea using tray tables and at one point everyone joined in on one conversation, yelling across the room at another friend who would take over the discussion.

When we finished eating, the trays were cleared and Laurie sat down to read a bedtime story. When was the last time you had a story read to you? What a treat! It was of course, a love story, and even though the main characters were animals, and it was a picture book, the message was heard loud and clear. It was an entertaining story and I loved the idea of having such a special book to save and one day read to my children. When Laurie finished, two more stories were told. One was from my mother, who recited a lovely story about her and my dad (get out the Kleenex), and the other was from my soon to be mother-in-law, who told an equally thoughtful tale. Both had been written down so I could save them.

Now that my eyes were blurry with tears, it was time to open my gifts. Again, Laurie had sneakily told everyone to think in terms of the whole bedroom so that my gifts would be varied and useful. While I did receive some rather naughty lingerie, I was also given a game of Scrabble to play in bed, beautifully etched water glasses and a pitcher for my nightstand, silk pajamas and sets of sheets for the bed. My grandmother sent a hand-made blanket and Laurie had made matching mosaic tray tables for eating breakfast in bed. All in all, I was truly blessed by everyone's generosity.

Laurie served dessert – again my favorite – individual fruit tarts, and hot chocolate and coffee. When we were all feeling a little sleepy from the good food and comfortable seating, I thanked everyone for coming and gave Laurie her hostess gift: A gift certificate for her and her husband to stay overnight at a bed and breakfast.